Pavement Marking( (Striping)

Parking lot and roadway marking or painting is performed by TK Sealcoating using the highest quality parking lot paint.  TK Sealcoating stripes parking lots in Illinois with the best paint and equipment that leave your roadway or parking lot lines clean and crisp with no overspray.  TK Sealcoating using airless striping machines that make the cleanest, brightest yellow parking lot stripes and roadway lines in Illinois.  We have performed painting and striping of pavement on drivers education facility training areas, bus compounds, parking lots, air fields and roadways.  We were once told by our air force customer that TK Sealcoating performed the airfield painting at the airport “better and faster than anyone had ever done it”…  Ask us for this reference and we will be happy to connect you.  Did I mention that we use our own pavement paint called Skipdash roadway paint that we manufacture and sell all over the country.