Parking Lot Sealcoating

TK Sealcoating performs parking lot sealcoating at a level and speed not available by many others.  TK Sealcoating first creates a mix design of sealer to meet your objectives of the project.  In most commercial sealcoating cases we perform the industry recommended 2 coat process using our formula of sealer that has a higher solids content.  What does it mean to have a higher content of solids in the sealer?  This means that TK Sealcoating mixes and creates a higher quality pavement sealer than its’s competitors by applying many years of experience when it creates the sealer to be used on your parking lot.  We use a sealer that is manufactured with more solids (such as clay) and other components such as sand aggregate that acts as a filler sealer.  We include a latex additive or special formula that when used creates a tougher surface and dries to a blacker color.  TK Sealcoating uses sealer additives that are not often added by others and make for a longer lasting surface and sealcoating application.